Krystle embraces the power of art as a vehicle for personal and collective transformation. In a world stifled by the illusion of separation, she shares impacting visions of unity. Exploring the luminous landscapes of consciousness, her multidimensional paintings radiate transcendental light with balanced serenity. Pulsing and breathing with life, the etheric geometries which dance off her canvas disintegrate the boundaries between art and audience. Her artwork navigates the way between heart, mind, and the enchanting realms of spirit as cosmic maps into the interconnected nature of existence.

~*Happy New Now 2016*~

Greetings Beloved eARThlings,


As another year begins aNEW, I find myself reflecting upon the nature of cycles, both big and small, as catalysts for evolutionary growth.

Cycles are an intrinsic part of life... from our breath, to our bodies, to our lifestyle & routines, to our connection to each other and the cosmos. 

....The natural rhythms lead us onwards, as we all flow forward individually yet in a symphony of synchronicity.


A fundamental cycle of existence is that of life, death and reBirth. We witness this progression every day as we watch the sun rise from the darkness, illuminate the day and then return to the abyss. Seasons naturally follow the cyclical flow of growth, decay and renewal. Each moment gives birth to the new while dissolving the past.

As we ride the spiral of evolutionary potential, each new cycle offers us periodic places to pause, reflect, redefine ourselves. Taking time for authentic self-reflection, we may cultivate clearer pathways for growth in our lives. 


"It's time for us to get back into the rhythm",
~Grandfather Mazaztin. 

What do the natural rhythms of the Earth & the cosmic cycles reveal about our own inherent nature? How can we live more in harmony with the cycles of nature and our bodies? 

There are many forms of the "new year" as celebrated by unique cultures around the world and different ways of measuring time! I find it interesting to reflect on just how often I've felt that I was starting a new "cycle" this past year~ the Mayan Day Out of Time, the completion of the Venus transits, the Summer and Winter Soulstices. Each of these celestial events offered a window of supportive energies for purification, growth & transformation.


As we enter into this Leap Year of 2016, and another "New Now", we are ready to take a quantum leap in lives and our conscious evolution!

May we become more clear & crystalline in our beings this year! I am sending you all of my love, inspiration and light on your path.

Luminous BlesSings for 2016 and Beyond! xoxo

With Love,




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