Krystle embraces the power of art as a vehicle for personal and collective transformation. In a world stifled by the illusion of separation, she shares impacting visions of unity. Exploring the luminous landscapes of consciousness, her multidimensional paintings radiate transcendental light with balanced serenity. Pulsing and breathing with life, the etheric geometries which dance off her canvas disintegrate the boundaries between art and audience. Her artwork navigates the way between heart, mind, and the enchanting realms of spirit as cosmic maps into the interconnected nature of existence.

Entering the Void

When I was a child, I had an out of body experience that irrevocably changed the way that I understood life itself.  While contemplating the question “Who Am I?”, I had an experience where my entire sense of self dissolved. I entered an infinite space that was both formless and nameless.  There was absolutely noBody and noThing there, including me.

I was pure energy.  I had no body. I had no name. There was no ME....I was filled with the profound realization that I was everything and nothing at the same time....

Now, lets return to the idea that space isn’t empty....

What we think of as "space" is actually composed of infinitely small packets of energy that contain all of the information needed to create the entire universe~ within each and every speck. These energy packets are also what we refer to as “consciousness.”  Consciousness is the primary energy that permeates the fabric of all existence…it is both the information and the expression of this energy.

(Potential/Thought vs. Manifestation…. Wave vs. Particle)


The void is the fertile garden of pure potential from which all existence emerges. It exists simultaneously with creation, as a constant background of stillness and unity. Is in the center of everything. Nothing individual can exist within a void, including motion. The void is pure, potential is the unmanifest.

The moment that you depart from the void, you have created an illusion of separation from the transcendental “Oneness” of Creation. Yet this “illusion” isn’t actually a bad thing…it is a play of light and shadow that is necessary for us to experience anything at all.  Otherwise we’d just be floating around in the All and Nothingness of the Void forever and ever….alone and all one.

I believe that the point of existence is simply to experience the ONE in everything. Its really that simple. We are all God experiencing the Divine God(Us) Self.

So let us imagine again for a moment that we are all*one in the void and we want to experience something…. anything, really! Which brings us to the POINT….

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