Krystle embraces the power of art as a vehicle for personal and collective transformation. In a world stifled by the illusion of separation, she shares impacting visions of unity. Exploring the luminous landscapes of consciousness, her multidimensional paintings radiate transcendental light with balanced serenity. Pulsing and breathing with life, the etheric geometries which dance off her canvas disintegrate the boundaries between art and audience. Her artwork navigates the way between heart, mind, and the enchanting realms of spirit as cosmic maps into the interconnected nature of existence.

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019

January 25th-28th, 2019

Photograph from Rainbow Serpent 2013 with my cosmic siStar, Melissa Shemanna, who will be presenting her work along with managing the Evolve Gallery!

Photograph from Rainbow Serpent 2013 with my cosmic siStar, Melissa Shemanna, who will be presenting her work along with managing the Evolve Gallery!

It is an incredible honor to announce that I will be returning to Australia to exhibit my artwork in the Evolve Gallery at this year’s Rainbow Serpent Festival, located in Lexton, Victoria! My first adventure “down under” was in 2013, when I embarked upon an Australian International Art Tour hosted by Mosaic Vision. Traveling across the country, I felt deeply connected with the people and the diverse landscape, and this journey had a powerful influence on my growth, both personally and professionally.

I am so honored to be welcomed back to the Evolve Gallery this year to exhibit my work and live paint amongst some of my favorite internationally renowned artists! I will also be giving a presentation on the evolution of my artwork followed by speaking on an international artist panel, “Reclaiming the Vision.” I am dearly looking forward to connecting with friends, new and old, who will be joining together from across the globe for this incredible international gathering. I hope to see you there shining your unique light!

From Seed to Flower to Fruit

Exploring the Flowering of Creativity

From the seed to the flower to fruit and back to seed again, my artwork has unfolded like a wild yet delicate garden.

2005 was a monumental year for me. I was an aspiring artist attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison, searching for meaningful connections in a sea of students & studies.

It was at this time (ten years ago), that my consciousness unearthed a sacred seed of remembrance. This seed was intuitively gifted from my heart & soul to my hands and arrived to me upon my canvas. It came to me as a reminder of all that I sought to understand. (see painting below)

This "seed" was an artistic expression of harmony, simplicity, and beauty.... composed of a most basic shape, the circle. What I discovered was a pattern that is called "the Seed of Life" which led me to the "Flower of Life."  Spiraling into an elegant architecture of interconnected circles, everything seemed to fall into perfect place, literally and symbolically. 

I began to cultivate a passionate exploration of these patterns and developed my awareness of what is referred to in a broad sense as "sacred geometry." Sacred geometry is a term for the fundamental geometric patterns that structure life itself. 

Permeating into every layer of existence from the harmonics of light and sound, to the spiraling of galaxies and atoms, sacred geometry is a guiding force of the Cosmos. 

Thus, with this sacred flower blooming in my heart, I've been on an artistic and spiritual quest of "connecting the dots". I am filled with a passionate drive to explore and share this ancient way of seeing the world. 

Throughout the upcoming months, I will be sharing a retrospective look at the evolution of my artwork. By sharing some of my earlier artwork, I hope to share a more in-depth explanation of the symbolism, inspiration and life experiences that have guided my evolution.



acrylic / 24” x 36”/ 2005

Arise Festival

ARISE Music Festival

August 5-7th, 2016
Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado


Joining together many facets of commUnity to offer healing, inspiration and growth, Arise Music Festival is an amazing Colorado festival destination. It was a pleasure to return to this beautiful event set into the gorgeous foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado.

This year I offered a Sacred Art Temple in a Mongolian-style yurt which featured a micro-gallery of my artwork, crystalline vibrations, workshops & energy healing. The Art Temple was located next to the Lotus Temple and Solutions Village.

Live painting alongside many of Colorado's finest visionary artists & musicians, I also had the opportunity to work on a large-scale collaborative painting with Morgan Mandala & Randal Roberts.

Arrive, align & ARISE!

InfraSound New Years 2016

Stage Performance
December 30th - 31st, 2015

@ The Loft
Minneapolis, Minnesota

It was an honor to paint onstage for InfraSound NYE 2016 at the Loft in Minneapolis, Minnesota! It was a gorgeous way to celebrate a New Year with a fresh canvas, potent visual/ auditory alchemy and an incredible amount of love & support! Many thanks to Infrasound Productions, Fractal Visions and the Twin Cities Tribe! <3

~*Happy New Now 2016*~

Greetings Beloved eARThlings,


As another year begins aNEW, I find myself reflecting upon the nature of cycles, both big and small, as catalysts for evolutionary growth.

Cycles are an intrinsic part of life... from our breath, to our bodies, to our lifestyle & routines, to our connection to each other and the cosmos. 

....The natural rhythms lead us onwards, as we all flow forward individually yet in a symphony of synchronicity.


A fundamental cycle of existence is that of life, death and reBirth. We witness this progression every day as we watch the sun rise from the darkness, illuminate the day and then return to the abyss. Seasons naturally follow the cyclical flow of growth, decay and renewal. Each moment gives birth to the new while dissolving the past.

As we ride the spiral of evolutionary potential, each new cycle offers us periodic places to pause, reflect, redefine ourselves. Taking time for authentic self-reflection, we may cultivate clearer pathways for growth in our lives. 


"It's time for us to get back into the rhythm",
~Grandfather Mazaztin. 

What do the natural rhythms of the Earth & the cosmic cycles reveal about our own inherent nature? How can we live more in harmony with the cycles of nature and our bodies? 

There are many forms of the "new year" as celebrated by unique cultures around the world and different ways of measuring time! I find it interesting to reflect on just how often I've felt that I was starting a new "cycle" this past year~ the Mayan Day Out of Time, the completion of the Venus transits, the Summer and Winter Soulstices. Each of these celestial events offered a window of supportive energies for purification, growth & transformation.


As we enter into this Leap Year of 2016, and another "New Now", we are ready to take a quantum leap in lives and our conscious evolution!

May we become more clear & crystalline in our beings this year! I am sending you all of my love, inspiration and light on your path.

Luminous BlesSings for 2016 and Beyond! xoxo

With Love,




:: aMaTeRaSu :: a sonic soular mix to illuminate the new year

 :: aMaTeRaSu ::

* Shining Light of the Heavens*

A sonic soular mix to illuminate the New Year

Closeup of "Heart of the Mirror" by Krystleyez

Closeup of "Heart of the Mirror" by Krystleyez

~*Wishing everyone a most prosperous and inspiring new year! I feel that a guiding theme of this year is to express and embody the FULL SPECTRUM of our true essence! We are all infinite, multi-dimensional creators! The canvas of our experience is limitless….

For my entire life, I’ve naturally defined myself as an artist. This self-definition as an artist grew even more specific when I grew older, as by the nature of my work I’ve become Krystle, “the painter.” I realize that I’ve spent significantly more time nurturing this part of myself than most others, but there’s also so much more to my soul than what I express through my painting!

I think many people have the tendency to define themselves by what they’ve become, rather than what they’re becoming. So, I feel it’s time for us to collectively mix things up a bit. Let’s break out of the boxes, labels, “job titles”, old programs, relationships and stuff that we think defines us! When we get stuck in comfortable modes of expression, we close ourselves off from unimaginable avenues of potential.

artist unknown

artist unknown

One of my new years reSolutions is to bring greater stability into my life by opening up *fresh* channels of expression, communication and soul*nourishment. CoIncidentally, on New Years Day, my dear broStar downloaded a simple djing program onto my computer and with a few simple instructions, I found my bliss as a sonic alchemist.

As I began to mix in tracks that I’ve thought about playing together for ages…and the songs that have sent my heart soaring over the past year…. I arranged the songs as I would write a poem…. and paint a painting… a layer here, a highlight there…. subtle textures and intuitive rhythms... By the time I was finished, I’d compiled an auditory journey into my heart….a compilation of the music that moves me the most deeply in this NOW

(*most of the music is ORIGINALLY produced by some of my most inspiring muses, friends and beloved tribe.

This is a soundtrack for the awakening dreamer through the rises and falls of love and heartache as they find their way back to Source. I offer these dewdrops downloads and liquid lullabies for deep travels to the edges of being alone and all One. 

With Infinite Love,



2013 Australian Visionary Art Tour (recap)

Krystleyez Australia Art Tour

hosted by Mosaic Vision

Melbourne, Byron Bay and NSW Queensland

January - February 2013

"Invoking the Sacred" by Krystleyez
"Invoking the Sacred" by Krystleyez

At the beginning of 2013, I embarked upon my first international visionary art tour, hosted by Mosaic Vision. My experiences in OZ gave me a truly tangible sense of our global tribe and the cosmic pulse of evolution moving through the planet.

My tour began at Rainbow Serpent Festival~ I live painted throughout the weekend and taught a vibrantly attended workshop on Sacred Geometry. I also gave an artist talk and displayed my artwork at “Harmonic Spaces” in Byron Bay.

I was the headlining visual artist at Earth Frequency Festival in Queensland, NSW and two huge 15 ft banners were printed of my artwork for the background of the stage. It was moving for me to see my artwork on such an immersive scale and to feel the warm embrace of my artwork internationally. The entire tour was profoundly inspiring for my personal evolution and I hope that my presence there left the same impact on the community there.

Honored, blessed and supremely grateful for this opportunity to spread my heART's wings ever wider and inspire conscious creativity! Deep thanks to Lisa Ariganello of Mosaic Vision and Paul Abad of Earth Frequency Festival for their incredible support and love!

You can view an album of photos from my tour by clicking the image below!

"Heart of the Mirror"

Zooming into the heart of the emerging cultural renaissance, "The Bloom" is a film series produced by Jeet-Kei and Akira Chan that eloquently captures the spirit and purpose of “transformational festivals” across the globe. I was invited to create a time-lapse painting to highlight the theme of “Co*Creation” for Episode Two: “Practicing the New World”. I created “The Heart of the Mirror” to emanate the essence of sacred union through the balancing of the divine feminine and masculine.

There are also several short segments of an interview with me, as well as my artwork and live painting performances featured throughout Episode One: “Fundamental Frequencies”.


 “There is no dream that we dream alone. From the watery womb of our infantSea to the shores of our individuality, we all enter this world through the portal of sacred union. The lovers, the embrace of the mother and father, the honeybee and the flower… the nectar of life is born with the Other.”

The Bloom Series also released an amazing, short video about the visionary art movement that I’m honored to be featured in called “Vessels of the Divine: Spotlight on Visionary Art”. This video features an inspirational host of artists including amazing interviews with Alex and Allyson Grey, Autumn Skye, Andrew Jones and Luke Brown.

I *HIGHLY* recommend you to tune in with the entire Bloom series ((...seriously, this documentary series is a potently rich production… and its like watching the best movie ever to see so many sparkly, familiar faces expressing their passion and purpose!



 To those who have just arrived, or perhaps have discovered my work by chance or word of mouth, I extend my warmest welcome!  I offer you these visions as an inspiration and meditation for your spirit.  May they color your consciousness with serenity and bliss and help you to remember that EVERYTHING is CONNECTED!  To all of my friends, family and the beautiful beings who have supported and inspired my path and to all those who are passionately working to raise the consciousness of our pretty blue marble, I thank and honor you. This is my first attempt at a website, so I am grateful for your patience as I get the kinks worked out. There is a lot more content on its way, and a TON of new work, so please check back soon!

Please check my events page for my current/upcoming shows.

Thanks for visiting!

Namaste, In'Lakesh, Love, and Luminosity!

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